Our kind request to Brazilian customer for immediate attention

N.B: Please ignore any mistake on spelling, grammar etc. by considering the fact that I am not native to English. We appreciated your kind to us.  Thank you.

Dear Brazilian customer, you may know about earlier DOS attack from Brazil and Thailand, which failed to make any trouble or quality issue to our service. Then shortly, we surprised to discover that, many account behavior that fair to category as DDOS But we decided not to do anything due to the fact, there are client, whom we know for 6+ years. We still have full trust, respect and still we do believe, there something went wrong, that may technical or whatever but likely, client may not aware.

 So, logically, we agreed to accept the damage temporary and decided to monitor closely. We wanted to check if some tools got a bug in their recent upgrade.  Yet we did not find any information that support the idea of bug. In our end, we have no clue and we cannot remember anything that can make someone mad to become an enemy.  We do not know any provider, who possibly can do that for their business interest. Yet known competitor to us are professional, educated enough to understand the basic. A minimum educated people know the idea to attack other service provider is stupid, totally nonsense.

 We do suffered enough and the damage is not being little. Our patience is going to over. Our strategy to do not reaction negatively rather learn more to prevent attack instead Negative reaction such as return attack are in a real challenge. The policy worked nice until this time and now it appear we are being enforcing to change the moral. We do looking for the source and trying to discover where we can take our action to make sense to those nonsense people that, attacking is really easy but preventing an attack is not much easier.   

In this fact, we badly need Brazilian customers help, we kindly request to check and verify their setup to confirm that happening from there account or not.  We request to our great customers to look at the fact (if any), why and how they are being used by someone for bad stuff, our belief that is against our customer moral.  There are many possible way to being used to it, one of possible reason can be implemented any 3rt party tools, add-on etc.

I again want to express that, we have full trust at you, we do have faith on you and everyone is very important to us. We do not want to turn against anyone but please understand the fact, what happen- if a customer solve 50 captcha in half an hour, meantime, if there system send 200k refund request against 50 captcha. Refund request is not the only method and that is not only from a single source, its coming many way from many location. If it continue after waiting certain time for customer action, we will badly enforced to ban IPS and change our belief that customer aware and involved. That is a great loss for us, not for the customer but we are helpless so we appreciate your support and immediate action.

At the end, I have a special request to everyone, if you know about the source of the attacker, please let us know about it, we will take it as a life saver act.

Finally I want too many thanks for your support over the 6 years, without your support, we should failed to continue till now. I also thank you for your time to reading the large email, we do appreciate your support and we will never forget our commitment, we will serve you at our best level.  

Kind Regards,

Sukat Reza