Humancoder redesigned user interface

Humancoder client account management Area was in dire need of a makeover. It’s our pleasure to present our redesigned user interface, an upgraded API with Single sign-on (SSO) and introducing Humancoder New support portal.

After a Greek Chorus of feedback asked us for implement new feature, a clear account management, we were happy to build the user interface our customer deserve. These new function allows the customer a clear overview of his or her account details, change notification settings, simple account migration and a single API for all our service. Hereafter, there no need separate configuration/implement and no need separate account for HumanCoder different services. Any software covered by Humancoder regular service (ExpertDecoders) is now accessible by premium account. Our new interactive API will recognize the end user account type regardless of the API being used to request.

Humancoder believe in commitment of a customer support, in a continual effort to improve user experience, HumanCoder has Announcing the new Customer Support center. In our new support center, customer can access information, engage with HumanCoder representatives to receive one-on-one support via live Chat and submit support ticket.